Saturday, November 03, 2001

no one has blogged in about 3 months ehh?

Monday, July 02, 2001

Wow I am such a bad blogger. I havent bloged in a month :-( i guess i just kinda forgot about it! lol i am very sorry! most of these blogs are kinda dead aren't they? maybe the popularity of the blogs is over :-( *Lady Marmalade rox* hehe

Friday, June 22, 2001

heya everyone. i haven't blogged in months, lol. i am such a lazy ass. i am on summer vacation now! woohooooooo. this blog is dead like so many others.

Monday, June 04, 2001

hey! i am sooo sry i havent bloged in forever! lol i'm not dead! i promice! lol! i just got of of a hiatus from my site hehe and i put up a purdy new hawaiin layout :-D i get out of school on thursday! *yay yay* lol :-) last thursday at school we had an awards cerimony and i got an award for spanish class :-) hehe well thats all for now! byee!

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Hey guys its me I am sry to here about ur guiniea pig =( my pet dog died over spring break so i know how u feel Well on a higher better note i am back off my hiatus soooo please come right over here and sign my guestbook PLEASE (self promotion hehe) I even have a spanking new layout you know you wanna see it!! hehe i gotta run did i mention i cant stand my english teacher! ahhhh!!!! xoxo Emily
Peace out my Bradys lol did u know greg went out with the mom! haha that hilarous

Saturday, May 26, 2001

Hello Guys!
I'm finally back! I kno, i've been gone for like a billion years, but i'm as bored as hell, so i thoulght i'd let u guys kno i'm alive. I saw pearl harbor last night, it rocked, that movie is the coolest, i'm tellin ya. Well, i really really want u guys to im me! I feel so bad, i practically just left my website world, hehe, i still love u guys. And i'm always back for new layouts and stuff. My sn is bigmeganlittle so send me those ims! Thanks so much guys, u are all the greatest!
Oh yah, and sorry bout the copying and pasting, but i have like 20 blogs now so yah, lol. Ooh guess wut... I did really good in my swim meet last weekend, hehe. 2 seconds and a third, thats good for me, hehe, i did the best in my butterfly, lol. well, i'll tty guys later, and i really wanna keep in touch with u guys... so im me! bigmeganlittle! Luv u guys,

omg, i cant WAIT until school is over!!! it ends on june 19th for me... :-\ there's a school dance on wednesday next week. usually i go stag and stuff like that. lehi and gabby (not me der der der) broke up, but i bet he's gonna try to get back together with her so he'll have SOMEONE to go to the dance with. in case u didnt know...i dont have a high opinion of gabby, and lehi being one of my bestfriends, i cant really talk shit about her (awww too bad jk).

Thursday, May 24, 2001

lol thanx a bunch emily!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

ooo! i found a way to bypass the napster filters. type in the title of the song backwards, and voila! you've got so many choices. i found all for you by janet and that is like the hardest song ever to find. yay!

i love jimmy fallon! only 15 more days to the mtv movie awards. i am gonna edit out kirsten dunst and put me in hugging jimmy. hehe :-] alotta people dont know who jimmy fallon is. i went around w/ jo, asking who was hotter, jimmy fallon or ben affleck, and half the people didnt know who jimmy was. poor jimmy.
congrats kate! xoxo Emily
hmm have i told u guys yet?? i got hosted!!!!!!!! eeeek, i'm sucha dork! i never thought ne1 would host me, but mel did, so click here if u wanna see my new site!!!! (by the way, those of u dont know, i am kate from /ozcool)

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

hey every1 i am sooo busy right now so i havent been a very good blogger :( I have exams in two weeks but we arent allowed to have any test next week so al these teachers are giving us tests this week and then we have an exams AHH! how are so many people out of school! I dont get it! lol well because of my busyness i am on a lil hiatus well i gotta run StUdY! (damn) excuse me french hehe xoxo Emily

Monday, May 21, 2001

allo everyone. someone got a new layout on her site, and that someone is me! i think that i will try subliminal messages. mal used em, and maybe they'll work for me too!

hiya everyone GOTOMYSITE! i am having IHAVEANEWLAYOUT a really boring ITISPACMANANDVERYCOLOURFUL day. nothing really happened SIGNTHEGBOOK at all. i am so GONOW bored, i dont GOALOT what to do to EVERYONEELSEDOES pass the time. hehehehe.

Sunday, May 20, 2001

Hey!I havent blogged in forever! I am in 13 so it makes it hard to do! lol Well I went to the lake this weekend...I had soooooo much fun! I got really sunburned though! Its ok, it'll turn into a tan :o) My whole body is sore from riding the Sea-Doo's! lol! I put up a new layout on my site! Everyone go see it! lol jk jk I have so much to do with finals coming up and everything i have to do some major studying! lol i hate to study with a passion. lol plus i have to do a book report! :-( well ttyl byee! xoxo Danielle
i am not dead, i just havent had time to blog. i dont have time to blog now either, but what the hell. i am so hungry, but all we have is cereal, so i am just not gonna eat for now. bleh.
hiya hiya guys guys! i'm pretty bored right now so i thought i'd blog since i haven't in a decade. FOR A VERY NICE SITE & PERSON CLICK HERE :) *smiles*

Friday, May 18, 2001

HEY GUYS! woo its mariah :D whats shakin?!! i finally got my lazy bum off hiatus. how bout that? click click click here u shexy thang ;D LmAo, im kinda hyper~ i just got back from my friends' bday party...they had a joint party since theyre really good friends and their bdays are close together;D it was purty cool :D there were so many people, it was awesome;D im all tired b/c i was dancing and swimming the whole time =0Þ gotta love the georgia weather;D AHHHH ONE MORE week of kinda happy and sad at the same time...cuz im always gone during the summer. :( and mariah ... *sniff MISSES EVERYONE hehe but its purty spiffy cuz im a beach girl and we're always well..AT THE BEACH haha didja guess? :) but anyways im shhleepy:( and its only 11:33!!!! im going to bed, I LOVE U GUYS, see ya tomorrow :D you can IM me at little blu fish if you're THAT bored =0Þ ttyl-- :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

I am such a bad blogger, i'm in 11 blogs right now! I'm sorry, its hard to keep up! I think i might have ta start cheating.... posting the same thing in all blogs, lol well maybe, hopefully i don't have to do that! I've got 2000 hits now, i'm happy! Jen and I are having trouble making a layout for a news site we are making so if anyone here can, can you help us with it? Just email
i need serious help ,hehe.

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Hey everyone!
I'm sooo sorry! I've been a very, very, very, very, very, VEERRRYYYY!!!!! busy!!!! I feel so bad! Please don't hate me you guys! Anyways...
LOL! I'm sooo excited for Summer BREAK!!! I've got 12 more days of school and then I'm outta there and onto da beach for the rest of my life!! lol!! Well... my site is closed down and so is like 1 million other peoples!! LOL!! Anyways... I gotta get going! I'll post more later!!! Like, Friday or sumthin! See ya guys!
*the incredible, edible egg* aka *Timmy Wiggle* aka *Reeses Pie*

yeah its kinda hard not to say the same thing when thats the only thing you have to say ....or something like that. lol.
ewwwww thats nasty cat. are you gonna look? bleh bleh. haha umm yeah. so. yeah. can you tell im hyper right now? nay / yay?
got to go. boobye!

Monday, May 14, 2001

EVERYONE POSTS THE SAME THING IN EVERY BLOG! lol ok sorry. I try not to, just so it won't get all boring and everything..but then again I don't always like wasting my time over and over. umm anyways? lol. OMG this guy is sending me naked pics of himself, rofl lmfao! this is so gross. sorry I dont think you guys care =) I gotta layout, I gotta layout, I gotta layout hey hey hey hey!

Sunday, May 13, 2001

Hey! sry I have been such a bad blogger :-( In some of my blogs I havent blogged sence the last day of April! eek! lol I am in 13 blogs now!! please DONT INVITE me to any more! I dont want to sound rude its just that i can barely keep up with the once I'm in already! hehe anyways, prom was yesterday, it was soooooooooooo much fun! hehe :-D I moved to expage! yay yay yay! hehe well i am off to go work on a new layout! i'll blog more later i promice! byee!

Saturday, May 12, 2001

hi! wow, sorry I havent blogged here in awhile.. ahh! i'm sucha bad blogger. Well anyway, I'm off my hiatus, so go check out my new layout! thanks! ttyl! oh yeah you can IM me at emmadis24. no ones on so someone talk to me lol! well, bye! :D

Friday, May 11, 2001

hey! whats poppin? did you all forget i even blog here? hehe i'm sorry im the suckiest blogger ever, and now that i'm actually blogging this isn't even a real post because im not gonna say much! im going to florida tomorrow, i have to wake up at 3:30am!!! kinda sucks but hey. just tellin you that i can't blog until i get back on may 19th! dont say anything to interesting while im gone alrite? ;)
Today in social studies, our teacher wasn't there, so our humanities teacher, Ms. M was sitting in the room with us while we made up SS homework or played (ugh) chess. My friend went over to Ms. M to ask if she could turn on the radio. Christie (my friend) was over there for a long time, so I went to see what was up. My teacher was over there calling this other radio station trying to win some big $$$. It was soooo funny because she was hiding behind the desk trying to use her cell phone and all. She didn't get in, but the person who did, got the question wrong. My teacher was supposed to call back at 4:00, but I dunno if she did. I hope so. It would be awesome because she probably really needs the extra $2000 because she just got engaged.

ohhhhhhhhhh..............and then it technology, my teacher INSISTS on pointing out the people who type fast. there is this guy Danny, who types pretty fast, and then there's also me. my teacher was like, "OK, Danny will read out the letters [we had the have a "typing lesson" where someone reads a letter at a time and we have to type it] since he is the only one in here who can type fast, other than Rachael." OK, I HATE being the center of attention, so I probably turned all red. Same with last Friday. He asked who people trusted most in the class. My friend Lauren shouted out my name. My teacher made everyone vote to see if they trusted me and everyone in the class raised their hands. awww, I'm so loved :-D

OK, gotta go. Pizza should be here SOON!!!! :-D

Tuesday, May 08, 2001

am a lazy blogger, *grins*. like when i first joined this blog it was the first blog i'd ever been in so i blogged almost every day, now i'm lazy, hehe. Soooooooo.............. wuz up ppl? i gotta go now..... ttyl and if any1 wants ta email me feel free to! ( ) yah buh-bye!
luv ya! *muah* ttyl
ps. yah, i changed my little blogger name thing, i'm tired of my old one, :o)

Monday, May 07, 2001

Whoa, I haven't blogged in foreva! lol! well...ttyl lol

Sunday, May 06, 2001

yo yo yo!!! Amanda here:) It's been like forever since I have blogged anywhere, so I am gonna try to catch up a little bit...So yesterday was the Spring Fling dance at my school, it was suppose to be outside on the tennis courts, but the stupid weather got bad so we had it in the commons area in my school:p I got up yesterday morning at like 8 and then I got online and talked to my friend Erin for awhile and she told me about how she had my other friend Molly pierce her belly-button for her and that it hurt like a mofo!! Then I watched the movie Stuart Little (o man that little mouse is cute) and then my best friend Rachel called and we went to the mall and checked out guys until around 3:30.....then at 4:30 I went over to my other friend Adriennes house and Erin, Molly, Melissa, and another Rachel were over there and we went out to dinner and dressed up all pretty and stuff. Actually we had a tablecloth and candles so we went to a fast food place and set it all up, it was cute hehe:) So when we got there, Ryan (Erin's b/f) showed up and ate with us......then a few minutes later, Tommy (Molly's b/f) showed up and ate with us. Everyone elses b/f's were supppose to show up too (except for me coz I'm the only one who doesn't have a b/f right now), but ya know, they didn't. So after we got done eating we all walked over to Toddy's (our supermarket thingy) and got Adrienne some Advil coz she had a headache, and then we walked over to the high school for the dance. When we got to the high school Ryan announced to us that he had a surprise for Erin so he took off the button up shirt he was wearing and he was wearing a white t-shirt under it that had Erin's picture ironed onto it and it said "I Love Erin" in fabric was SOOOO cute!!!! When the dance started it was booooring and I wasn't having much fun coz during all the slow dances coz I was the only one who didn't have someone to dance with, ya know? That changed though later on in the night when I finally got to dance with someone. The guy that I danced with is someone that I went out with last year, his name is Drew and I have had a crush on him for awhile now. He saw me sitting at one of the tables during All My Life by KC and JoJo (or however you spell it) and so he came over to me and asked if I was ok and I said yeah and then he asked me to dance:) While I danced with him he was such a sweetheart, he said that I looked very pretty, and he asked me if I had asked someone to the dance (it was a Sadie Hawkins dance, where the girls ask the guys) and I said no and he said "oh so you're going stag too, I didn't get asked by anyone, but that's ok, I wanted to come here and dance with all the pretty ladies, like you" and then he asked me if I thought he was good looking (LOL) and I said "yeah drew, I think you are very good looking" hehehe and then I was sad when the song was over:( But then I got to dance with someone for all the rest of the dances, I danced with Will (Adrienne's b/f) and Jeremy who picked me up at the end of the dance and spun me around and then made me feel his ab's (which were very strong hehe), and then I danced with this guy named Josh that doesn't even go to my school, I have never met him b4.....and then the dance ended:( It was so much fun, and b4 I left Drew gave me a biiiiiig hug, he made my night a lot better:D Oh yeah, the DJ played the limbo song and so I went over to where the coats are and stuff with Kevin (my best guy friend and Melissa's b/f) and I did a back bend lol, I haven't done a back bend since I was like 7, but I did it, and then Drew came over and he made me show him was pretty cool:) Anyways, I am sorry if nobody cares about any of this, but it was my day yesterday.....Oh, sorry that this is so long!!!! Laterz...

Saturday, May 05, 2001

Hey! I'm sleepy...i think when i am done bloggin in all 10 blogs i will go bedie by! hehe lol nothing is new bout wit all of u guys??

Friday, May 04, 2001

hey everybody! this is jules from here! go see my layout, i loooove it! lol i havent updated or blogged forever, b/c i was grounded from the computer for 3 days. grrrrrrrr! kat is the best b/c she invited me to hger new blog! :-P now for news?/ whats goin on every1?? i got my mid-quarter report i got 2a's and 2 b's... YES! also i FINALLY got my split! (yes a split.. asd in gymnastics/dane/tumbling) and i learned the alphabet in sign language :) i will blog l8er tonite! bbye!

Thursday, May 03, 2001

Ahh I love Dogs!! especially puppys i bet u love him so much britt! xoxo Emily

Monday, April 30, 2001

hey everyone, Danielle is here!! :-D I got invited to two new blogs!i feel soo luved! i just got back from disneyland last night! it was soooooooooooooooooooo much fun! lol thats why i havent bloged! hehe :-D maybe when i get my pics developed (if they are good lol) i will post 'em! :-D well i g2g byee!
hey everyone, Danielle is here!! :-D I got invited to two new blogs!i feel soo luved! i just got back from disneyland last night! it was soooooooooooooooooooo much fun! lol thats why i havent bloged! hehe :-D maybe when i get my pics developed (if they are good lol) i will post 'em! :-D well i g2g byee!
hiya peoples. i got myself a new dog =] 4 dogs and 3 birds now..heehee. new layout @ go check it out please ;]

Sunday, April 29, 2001

dooo dooo dooo my name is christina... and your name is not!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! im bored... bye!

Saturday, April 28, 2001

I dislike nicknames soo much, unless they're not name-related. Well what don't necissarily mind, but I don't like being called cat, cathy, cath, katie, kate, or stuff like that much. (yes I know even though it's in my blogger name, but hey, my name IS kind of long lol) new layout....hehe

Friday, April 27, 2001

my poem:

blogger sucks,
it bites ducks.
blogger's a nerd,
it smells like a turd.
its so friggin slow
i'm throwing my computer out the window!

he he did ya like!

hey every1!!! i am soooooo bored... lol i am really happy tho, schhol's out for 2 days... geez jules, that happens every weekend! well i dont care, at least its today.... wah tam i talking about! :-P well...
sandre!!!!!!!!!! (early?) congrats on you batmitzvah!!!!!! lol i know how hard it is to study and chant in front of a crowd even though i haven't had mine yet (its late) so what is your portion?i'm making you a present! hehe gee what should i make...
shawn! whats happening, haven't seen you forever! youve got to blog more often! what was the girl's that copied you's URL? i wanna go trash their gbook! no im jk, i wouldnt do that... :-P
corky im so sorry about the chronique ebstien bar(sp?) i'm gonna make you a present too... you and sandre are just so lucky!!! :-P
(actually, not really my "presents" kinda suck but at least there not squished banannas!)
mariah- youre luchy you even get mar! my real name is Juliet, and omg i had to shorten it b/c you can imagine how i get teased about it! (p.s there is a romeo at my school!!!!! ewwwwwwwwwww he is really ugly and short and nasty...:-( ) so i shortened it to jules, and my friends call me j, or julsies (lol dont ask me how they got that) and it just SUCKS!!!! (:-P not realy i can live w/ it sooner or later im gonna start goin by shea, my middle name :-))
hey u guys know what if i eat or even come in close contact w/ a bananna i die? aaahhhh its so scary! when ppl at lunch have banannas i am like "okay, get away"! i have to carry an epypen or something if i happen to eat one i have to give myself a shot... aaah i could'nt do that! well do you guys watch survivor? i love it! :-P i know im so dorky but its really addictive.. well i cried last night when elisabeth went! lol (i also cried when rodger and kel went) she was so kool! well anyways, i dont care! i g2get going soon and i still have to (hehe dont get mad) copy and paste this entry to a couple more blogs! :-P does nebody else do that!!! oh yeah they do :) so can i join some1's blog that im not already in? i love to blog even tho im such a bad blogger!! lmao...
love ya!
heyyyyyy! everyone, wh00t, its mariahhhhhh mar? lmao =0Þ that sounds lame...everyone can do something cool with their name, or make up a cute nickname with it but can i?!? n0o0o ...i get marr...LoL dont mind meee :D guess what?!!? guess who got off her lazy boot-ay and put her page back up~? *meeeeee* click click click! [/self promotion] :D lmao, can me say dork much? haha thats meeee! :D so whats been up you guys? im sucha a lazy blogger, but i swear im gonna start posting more... *beep* *beep* what was that??! it was the lie *dies* ha anywaysss--guess whoooo i got to talk to on the phone on wednesday?!!? HEATH LEDGER >dies< thank god for the radio station 99x LOL...its a longgggg story but me and my friend talked to him on my cell phone!!! *wheee* he has a sexy aussie accent, *rawr* lmao :D *ahem* moving im going to go now, i need sugar =0Þ ill catch all you booty-ful people later!
OWCH!!!! my eyebrows hurt, tehehe. i just got them done for my bat mitzvah tomorrow, and they are reddish and they sting. poor me. i am really bugged about all these people staying w/ us. my lil cousin leaves me...erm...presents [squished bananas] on the wall, connie stays in the bathroom too long and i had to miss chorus b/c i couldnt get in to do my hair or brush my teeth, and my aunt ilona wants to stay at our house when we have reservations for her at a hotel. the only normal one is my uncle ed. him i can live w/. my other cousins harrison and derek and heather are coming today. heather's husband donivin and their 4-year-old juniper are coming too. i am like juniper's idol, she follows me around, and it gets REALLY annoying. but she is adorable, lol.
Hey does anyone blog anymore? I guess everyone is posting at the Ultimate Blog..thats cool, but everything seems dead now lol. Well I'm off!

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

ahhhhhhhh i have a new layout!!!!!!! go me go me! well thats really funky... no new posts in cutie blog since yesterday? lol well emily i know about expage's page is just fine w/ out it, so im gonna stop w/ my adresses and stuff... expage all the way baby! lol im jk...well... sup every1!! i like matt! he's so cute in gym today he goes "get on aol jules today please!" and i did like all day... and he never gets on! i was like "forget you!" but umm... im not gonna! lol
well i got this new layout... from jen fomr /jens2perfect! i was like omg !!! she made it custom for me and i got it in a day! i was like omg jen... you rock! well go there every one and btw if i dont get a gbook entry soon i will like just pull my hair out!!! lol well mal... love the covers babe! how do ya type so frikkin frakkin much! well i think i g2g soon... in science we had to like make up a mineral for a writing grade... me and kandace's(my best friend) was soooo funny... our mineral was called Kandyjulesium! well i just finished typing up the WHOLE thing b/c kandace dosent have a comp... i dont know how i'd survive! well last night i got up at 1 in the morning and i was like oh s*** it's 7:00!!! and i got up and got dressed and did my hair and makeup and then i saw the clock... and it was 1:17 and i was like crap 6 more hours of sleep!!!!! i was sooo mad at myself b/c i went back to sleep... w/ my clothes and makeup on... i woke up and i looked like death! :-P well gots to go post this some where else..
heylo everyone! thats all i have to say for now! c-ya!

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

hey just stopped into to say ~Emily~

Monday, April 23, 2001

hey! i put up a new layout on my site and now i need help with my new layout. if anyone wants to help me with my new one e-mail me! and i'll link ya on my site if ya help me :-D i am sooo bored. i have a ton of homework tommorow. i dont have to go to school tommorow cuz it's Take Your Daughter to Work Day :-D hehe well g2g byeee

Sunday, April 22, 2001

ahhhh, that was REALLY confusing! I was 'exploring' junk on here and ya know that thing that says Show posts containing ____________
well I accidently clicked the cirlce thingy so then i couldn't look at other posts and then i had to log in and out like 5 times! Blogger annoys me sometimes, lol! yah, i woke up this morning and checked my email and i had 3 blog invites, yah! i have nothing 2 say! Oh ya, i changed my layout and everything is messed up at the moment......
but i like it i got it from /teeness
see yah laterz.......
one thing 2 say: I HATE BLOGGER!!!
hey every1! this is jules from! yea yea yea this is my 5th blog i think... *counts* ultimatenot done counting bye bye!
i am sooooooooooo busy so this has gotsa to be a short "Hello" l8taz lol i have a new layout here
hey! i have so much homework to do. my social studies teacher decided to assign two CHAPTERS of homework. it takes FOREVER to do, too. .::sigh::. i have to go back to school tomorrow. i really don't want to because i'm tired of being around people, lol. but, friday we get to go to an island for the day. it's pretty awesome. anywho, i have to go paste this is all my blogs, hehe. i'm cheating. oh well. sorry! xoxo...
hey everyone! gosh i am so bored! i have nothing to talk bout! hehe how bout we talk bout .... um....i dunno! lol <3 always, Danielle

Saturday, April 21, 2001

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BORED IM me at foofightersangel
what else.. uhm ne1 interested in starting a website called planet pop. has to be good at html and graphics and like pop music. IM ME!
hey people! do you even know who i am? lol sorry jessie, i havent blogged here in forever! i have SO many blogs now, i have 2 invites waiting in the mail! eeek. weeeell i wanna talk to peoples, so my IM is GHi6634352. thank ya kindly. im gonna go join those other blogs now, bai!

LOVE YA, emily
YOOO YO YO!! I am bored =)

Friday, April 20, 2001

hey guys! i just joined the ultimate blog too :-D that guy from that one freaky but i was lmao when i was listing to him! :-D (sry if this is blogging twice i duno whuts goin on)
Hey. I joined the brady blog like a month ago. I dont think you people know who i even am, i didnt tell you the first time [oops]. This is Lauren from /lilangel80. The name just gives it away dosent it? hehe^_^ Yeah, i just joined the ultimate blog too.
ANYWAYS, i gotta go- i'll talk to ya guys later^_^
hmmmmmmmm how is every1.. i just joined the the ultimate blog.. yeyey woo for me...
aww hope ya get betta cat!!
well not much happening with me today.. aww i had 100 hits overnite and no1 signed my gbook. oh well.
hehe the Ultimate Blog is cool, but don't worry I'm still gonna blog everywhere else. OMG you guys, this is the funniest thing ever! It's almost scary, and his voice is like...lmfao..just go see for yourself. Poor lil' guy though. Blahh I have a throat virus it sux :P
hey quick question PLEASE reply whats the code for the cool dotted (dashed w/e u wanna call them) borders, dont think i am stupid or html illiterate but i still dont know if and i wanna use it for my next layout which i am almost done w/ so please either reply or e-mail me @ asap :P xoxo ~Emily~
the ultimate blog is open! i invited i think everybody...PLEASE join lol! and invited, tooo.......
hey every1! i just joined this blog. im so excited... woohooooooooooooooooooo! lol. have u guyz seen my page? i just opened it a few weeks ago. /jens2perfect is the name of the game. lol. im just as hyper as jessie. im so mad because like no1 knows about my page! grrrrrrr. well anyways. luv u all. ciao!
jhfghhfjhftyuiyuhj I am hyypppperrrrrr!!!!!
woooooooo hey all! kates here!
omg, i would write a blog, but i really gotta go watch home and away, lmao
well i saw a movie today, tom cats.. uhm and catch yall laterz

Thursday, April 19, 2001

i luv the song outside by Fred Durst and some other dude, hehe i cant get it oout of my head.......I ride the bus too, it i dont have much to say just sayin hi Emily

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

nm bout what i said bout resizing...i figured it out lol. now i need help with my layout...if anyone wants to help me with that e mail me at or AIM: bratydiva
*BORED* lol does anyone know how to resize graphics? i really need help! if you do e mail me at thankies!!
elrthoiwerhwoierhwoierh I am being spontainious. I am bored there is no one nice to talk to on AIM. -- One Cute Crayon
omg i use to have to ride the buss in elementry school *cries thinking about the memories* lol i had my fair share of bad bussdrivers! once i got a referal for not wearing my seatbelt!! i mean HELLO lol yeah so anyways everyone... my webpage's guestbook is OH SO LONELY!!! *hint hint* lol im jjuuuuuuusssssttttt kidding!! ugh now i have to do gloped homework! does anyone else in here have gloped? GLOPED SUCKS!!!
i hate bus drivers yours is worse than mine though this kid said 'the book it smells' and she got all upset bc she thought he said 'the fuck it smells'........old people are yucky i like webcams i'm ugly sick is bad i don't like grapesblah randomnessssssssssssss
lol..ehrm maybe I over did it yesterday. Oh well, it's still annoying though. Sitting next to old people with acne and hairy faces...*shakes head* hmm lol. Alex takes pictures like every other second. I wish I had a web came :P Mine always come out bad on my digital camera...anyways. I went to the nurse today, and I have a (gasp, yes I know...) throat virus! It's pretty nasty though..I feel like I have this huge grape or something in my throat and I don't want to eat anything at all. Boo....

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

tah tah dah dah. i'm bored.. ;[
poor cat...i feel for you...ive had horrible bus drivers before, the one who dropped me off to no one in kindergarten and i had to sit outside till someone came home, the one who forgot my stop almost every day, the one who assigned yichy seats...none as bad as that though, i feel really bad for you. i have had bad bus experiences, so now my mom drives me every day, lol :-9
hey! thanks for telling me how to do the screenshots, now all i have to do is figure out how to resize them! lol aww cat im sry about the bus thing :( well nothing happened today cuz i'm sick again :( well i'm off to go visit kate's and meg's pages!! <3 always, Danielle
I am so pissed at my bus dirver. What? Yeah, my BUSDRIVER. Ok so lemme explain. First off, everyone thinks she's a skank. I do have to say she does dress a little..skimpy, for her size anyways. But over all I thought she was a pretty nice lady. Also she has two cute twins! But then she just starting getting pissy. Like PMS 24/7..she got mad at everyone and moved them up front for awhile. A couple things happened, she found too much trash ect. One time she wouldn't let anyone talk on the bus for a week. So yesterday morning after we got off she found a spilled pop in the back. In the afternoon she questioned everyone and no one admitted to it. Well, I don't ever ride in the mornings but also half the people who do even ride in the morning have track or golf in the afternoon and don't even ride. She said we couldn't have anything edible or drinks on the bus for the rest of the year! I could handle that though, since I never drink or eat just chew gum sometimes. But I guess I missed a lot this morning because when I got on, she told me my assigned seat. For a bus? WTH? It's always been intermediate (5 & 6th grade) up front, middle school (7 & 8th grade) in the middle, and highschool in the back. No one ever made those rules that's just how it is, but now she completely changed it! She put all the "bad and disrespectful" people up front (which almost all are middle school people), kept most of the highschoolers in back and scattered the intermediate kids all over. I'm good on the bus..well I came in the middle of the year, right when we got the new busdriver (her -- aka "miss charleen") and I can't remember ever getting yelled at or anything. Yesterday I asked her a question about something but thats all. And I even say hi to her. Soo guess where I got put? the back. very last seat. alone. COMPLETELY ISOLATED FROM ALL CONTACT WITH ANYONE MY AGE. I have a couple 18 year olds around me and one 10 year old. Hm that's great. I don't know why but I could feel tears welling up. I was just so pissed and everyone was like "why are you back there?" but I won't even ask her why. Ugghhhhhhh....p.s. my page is on hiatus but I can still blog right? none of my friends are on and I desperatly needed to vent..rawr :P
hey duddddes!!
this is kate i havent blogged in like soooooooooooooo freakin long.. i dont even know who is on this blog :( awwww.. i'm sure i'll get to know u all..
guess what!? i got a new layout at /ozcool can ya all go see it please? :) thanx!
xoxo kate
p.s i am on easter breakkkkkkkk!

Monday, April 16, 2001

Hola! Megan here! I haven't blogged for such a long time! I am on spring break now *does a little dance* wahoo! I am so happy! I got a new layout up! go see it! but wait for the graphic to load, it kinda sucks without it . Hey! do you like the little grin? I uploaded them from getstring, so now I can use them in blogs! I think they are so cute! Well, ttyl,
Hola!! Okie, this is how to do screen shot thingies.......Press Alt and the little button up by F12 that says Print Screen, then go into a program like Paint, and press Control V and it will paste it right on there!! :-D AHHHHH I hate school!!!!! OKIE gotta go, go check out my new layout!!
hey! how do you do those screen shots?!?! i wanna kno! lol i think the online boyfriend/girlfriend thing is stupid too...i used to have one tho *hides face in shame* lol that ultimate blog thing sounds awsome!!! Danielle, signing out (stupid i kno)
okay i was thinking....because there are so many blogs, and i think we should combine them...i say we make- THE ULTIMATE BLOG! for everyone- on expage, hosted, or domainated, for all species, for all religions, for...everything :) i'm making a layout then i'll create the blog and invite like everybody.
lol. i have school tomorrow :( *sad*

Sunday, April 15, 2001

Happy Easter! Lookies what I made myself: LOL Don't ask, I was just kinda bored.
I wish I could take screen shot thingies...I know how to do them, but I think that button is broken or something because it never works at all :P OMG this guy I know has an online girlfriend..I'm sorry, I used to 'believe' in that kind of stuff but it's so fake. She could be cheating on him or something..well you know..I just personally think it's lame, even though I have a really great online guy friend. How was everyone's Easter? Mine was cool..tons of candy! I wish I didn't have school tomorrow...
hiya guys! happy easter. new layout up @ =]
bleh bleh lbeh COMBINE THESE BLOGS erggggggggg...i hate psoting like the same thing at all of them....i would just leave all but 1, but see....i juts CAN'T. man mandee you have a LOT of peple on yer i have like 11!
Hey guys!! Sorry that it's been so long since I've blogged. Been busy. HAPPY EASTER!!!!! Anywayz, how is everyone?! I'm just peachy. I am bored, so here, look at my AIM window thingy...

O man, I'm bored. I gotsta go, I hope that everyone had a great Easter!!! Laterz...
hey everyone! happy easter!! ok i have a problemo, i found the cutest pic in a mag and i want to use it in a layout, but i dont kno how to re-size it so it will fit in the layout! lol if anyone knows please tell me how to do it. cute pic jessie!! lol ash, that is the cutest thingie evah!!! also, does anyone know why "MrFreeze owns" is on a lot of pages? <3 always, Danielle
isn't that just beautious??? tee hee;) lata gatas!


Saturday, April 14, 2001

changed my name, oh woopee *sarcastic grumble* buh bye
hey guys! My birthday was a blast! I got a scanner! yay! I was bored one day and I drew this guy:

LOL! haha, I just felt like scanning it on here. lol. My mom (ofcourse) thinks it looks like Ringo from the Beetles! lol. Well, I got to jet bye! Yes, I know I blogged the same thing in the other blogs! but wait a second.....SANDRE?!!? YOU are listening to that mickie song? OMG!!! haha.....I'm pathetic too [dot dot dot} dun dun dun!
hola guys i am back frm my Hiatus please check out my new layout an sing my lonely g-bookie here i am sooooooooooooo hyper an happy to be back :P
Hey! happy b-day! hehe! gosh i am sooo bored...and it is only 9:51 am! thats way early for me...i usually dont get up til 12 or 1! lol...well g2 go get my hair cut (my stylest is such a babe! lol) <3 always, Danielle
blah blah blah so bored nothing to do blah blah...mickie mickie ur so fine, ur so fine u blow my listening to that on napster, im pathetic, i know :-]

Friday, April 13, 2001

its a story of a lovely lady,

who was bringing up three very lovely girls.

all them had hair of gold, like their mother,

the youngest one had curls.

its a story of a man named brady

who was bringing up three boys of his own.

all them lived together,

but they were all alone.

then one day when this lady met this fella

they knew it was much more than a hunch

that they would somehow form a family

and thats the way they became the brady bunch.


and they....became...the brady bunch!
Hey everyone! For everyone who asked, my mom got shocked by a computer thing...know the thing where all the plugs go? lol I don't know names.But she came home Wednseday night and she's okay now. Dork from Nw York...that's so nice of you! lol and that's so cute...I mean it rhymes and all! And Happy Birthday girl!
hey jessie! happy birthday 2 yooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! don't ya luv my singing?! my b-day PARTY is today and my b-day is on April 18th! man, i havn't blogged forever! g-what?!?! some1 hacked my page! ALL OF IT! and they left My page sux and so do i. what a loser. i had 2 email xpage 2 change my password and everything...... blah. and in that process my counter came down by 200........ thats weird huh? i had like 556 and now it is 394 or something. o well. :)
see ya
Happy B-day!!! lalalaaaaaaa mine is in less than a month (may 4th). hehe i don't have much to say so bye! lmao


Thursday, April 12, 2001

Ooh and happy birthday Jessie!
Wow, I haven't blogged forever. I don't have school tomorrow..or well today (lol it's 12 AM woo) because it was a make up day which we don't have to make up =) my sister came home from college the other night and we are having these huge brawls and cat fights over the computer it's so halarious. Sleeeepp...

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Hey! I got my retainer today :( it hurts my teeth lol. i dont really have anything to talk about so im gonna leave now! <3 always, Danielle

Lauryn-I went to Catalina Island...what did you mom get shocked by?
Hey Bradys!! Jessie is finally here to blog! It has been forever since I blogged. Yay! Tomarrow is my birthday and the last day of school until Spring Break! I'm so happy! Guess What? The Expage Gazette is finally open! Everyone go see it! OMG...your mom got shocked Lauryn? From what? aww, tell her that a dork from New York named Jessie said that she hopes you feel better. lol...that was a bit messed up and confusing but, hey? I try my hardest. I'm pooped from bloggin' so I'm gonna go, buh bye
hiya everyone! how ya guys doin? i'm pretty bored like always..hmph..;[
hey everyone! How are you guys? Danielle, where'd you go on your trip? Anyways, my mom got shocked at work yesterday and she's at the hospital still. Isn't that scary?! I But umm anyways, I'm gonna go.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

hey everyone! wow there were a lot of blogs when i was gone! the trip was ok, but me and my friends got into a big fight. what does hiatus mean? lol i've seen it before i just duno what it means! lol! <3 always, Danielle
there are like 31 bloggers here! lol WAY more than in the brady bunch.....
Hey guys I am on a Short hiatus :P I will be back ASAP! hehe i just have soooooooooooo much work that my mom is like groundin me frm the internet until i get all my work done so it should be a week AT MOST well i gotta run l8taz

Monday, April 09, 2001

Well, I'm still bored as crap monkeys, there is nothing to do. Soon I'll be going to my older brother's baseball game. His team, the Diamondbacks is so far undefeated. Along with my team the Ice (we call it Ice, Ice Baby) which is also undefeated. I got a homerun on Saturday!!! I was sooo happy!
Emma~ Thanx a bunch for signing my guestbook! I really needed it!
oh BTW, I'm working on 7 new subbies. Let me know if you have any new ideas, I have practically no subbies on my page so I'm working on it.
Yo yo yo! It's about 90° it's so humid I can't really breathe but wow I can wear shorts *yessssss* Daddy would you like some sausage..lmao that's so stupid. And odd one, Tom Green is.

Sunday, April 08, 2001

OMG, you guys I am here! I swear. Obviously, cause I am blogging now. LMAO, ROFL, LOL, whatever you want to say. I haven't blogged since like March 6. Dang. I lost my username and password, so I had to figure all of it out. It took me a long time to get my lazy a§§ up and go to blogger and e-mail them that I losr my username. I am going to be bloggin a lot more though. Dang, when I last blogged there was only like 4 people. Now how many are there, 15+? Maybe. I dunno, somebody tell me! There definitely is more people in this blog then in the Brady Bunch though. Oh yea. Now that I just got my username I have to blog in soooo many blogs. Oh wellz, one blog at a time. It's 10:25 PM right now. I don't want to go to school tomarrow. :( I am already counting down to the last day of school. Well, to the last week of school. We have 8 more Mondays to go, then its da dum.... Summer Time!!!!!! YAY! I'm hyper. Tomarrow 4th quarter starts. I get Gym and Home EC for my electives. Foo hOO. I am extrememly hyper, its not ever funny. Wait, yes it is. Anyone wanna come and light their hair on fire with me and flap around the house like a chicken. Sounds like fun. BRB.

Okay, well if I really would of done that it would have been so funny, and fun. I need to run this week, so I can get in better shape for soccer. I haven't played for a couple months, so I am not in shape as much as I used to be. I am still a good runner and soccer player, but I used to be a better one. My power kick has also gone down a lot to. I really should practice ball control too. Everyone tels me I am a fantastic soccer player, but you see how many things I think I need to work on? Then this Saturday... my parents and coach told me I played realy good at the game, but me... now I could recall like 5 mistakes I made. Well. You know something, I amnever happy with how I am. HAH. And I am getting 2 B'S ob my report card and 5 A'S. That's not up to my standards. I am supposed to be getting straight A'S people - and did I say I have not once accomplished that this year? Uh- no. I either had 1 or 2 B'S in 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter. I am so going to study more this quarter, and get staright A'S. It's my last fricking chance this year!! WOOOOOOO Okay, I seriously need to leave before I expload. Tooodle-ooo!!

P.S. Send me an Instant Message on AIM, my SN is Soccar4eva. I also have MSN Messenger - or WAIT... I also have Yahoo, my SN is Soccar4eva, But I can quarentee you I won't be on Yahoo unless its for a REALLY strange reaoson. DANG! This is a long post. BBBBBBBBYYYYYYYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey! this is gonna be short because i gotta go.. but I just wanted to blog so you guys wouldnt think i died or something. Jen, I added u to my buddy list. my sn is emmadis24. :D
hey everyone!
My g bookie looks really sad, and my email box is very lonely!!! :( Can someone PWEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEE email me or visit mypage??? thanx so much!
I saw Heartbreakers last night, (w/ jennifer love hewit) and it was soooooo funny! me an my friends were like on the ground laughin lol then i slept over at my friends house and we called her nieghbor who couldnt go with us cause she had a sader and she slept over an we were up till like 5 in the mornin and woke up at like 12 pm. lol, my mom was soooooooo pissed! I was supposed to call her right after i woke up so i called her at noon, and she was like "Why didnt u call me when u got up!" and i tried to explain that i just did get up but w/e it didnt work.........

Hey i am workin on my new layout almost done i really need to put a new one up i try to put a new one up every week but if i dont hurry then it might be up for a lil more then a week. :( o0o well............

When i got home today i hadnt checked my e-mail since saturday afternoon or my g-bookie an i had so many responces it made me so Happy!!! But it was hard to reply to all the e-mails an g-books and it got me to thinkin i dont even have a popular site an its sometimes hard for me to respond to everything i get so it must be soooooooooooo hard for people like Megs and Mariah ya know? well just a lil thought l8taz ~Emily~

0oOh I know FTP. Well kind-of. I have WS_FTP and I tried using it once but I'm not hosted or anything so I don't really have anything to use it on lol. Boys Don't Cry is on t.v...that movie is so makes me feel naustiated..eww.
Did u bradys know that FTP is easy? i wanna teach someone it. hehe sorry i'm so bored it's not even funny. Someone TALK TO ME!!!! Cowgirly14 <--AIM screen name

oooh fun fact of the day- the most used line in movies is...."let's get out of here." hmm


Saturday, April 07, 2001

hiya! i'm pretty bored..i need a new layout *sigh* ;/
OMG it's happening again Cat! You, Sandre, me, you, Sandre, me! This is so weird! really is But hey we're pretty special! Anyways, I have a bad headache (actually it's kind of better now) so I sent my mom out to Express with my coupon since it expires today. Let's hope she comes back with some good stuff. Well...I guess that's it. Ciao for now!
IM DOING IT AGAIN CAT!!! ive done it in the other two blogs also, lol. i am so proud, i finally got a new layout, it took awhile, but yeah. go tell me how nice it is, lol. i feel like i want to sing, and the brady bunch song should be appropriate for now...
here's a story/of a lovely lady/who was bringing up three very lovely girls/all of them had hair of gold/like their mother/the youngest one in curls

heres a story/of a man named brady/who was busy with three boys of his own/they were four men/living all together/yet they were all alone

till the one day when the lady met this fellow/and they knew that it was much more than a hunch/that this group must somehow form a family/that's the way they all became the brady bunch


Friday, April 06, 2001

Hey Sandre and Lauryn I think you guys are stalking me j/k! In the 3 blogs we're in together, I blog then Sandre blogs then Lauryn blogs. Scary lol. Well it's 12 AM or so..everyone looks at the time and they're like well it doesn't say that in the posts when I go into blog (or something like that) but I live in Indiana so time is a little different..just thought you should know lol. It stopped storming hoorah! Tomorrow I might go shopping.
OMG. My heart like just skipped a beat. LAYOUTSHOP IS BACK OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahooooooooooo! yah, my life isn't ruined anymore! lol, j/k.
SPRING VACATION!!! *woo* on sunday we're going to rochester, like an hour or 2 away from us...HA what farness awayness! UUmmm.mdidn't blg for a bit, hehe :) Long story....Anyway. yeah... OH YES! go see my new site, meowchi! Umm....more blogging ltr, sry i have t get ready for st00pid bed :(

*sigh* i never blog.......gach
Hey are y'all? Hey Catherine! I'm your partnet in originality! you in the storm...I am so scared of those the way I love your new layout...omg it's so cute! :) I never know what to say...I'm gonna go...everyone on spring break enjoy! . . . Lata !
ooo...thunderstorms are fun...not really...but sometimes tedra comes over from across the street or something and we drink hot am such a kid at's raining in NY, nothing too rather a thunderstorm than just drab rain...blah
Hey! I gotsa a new layout up finally. There's this big thunderstorm watch on every TV's scaring me! *hides* especially when my parents aren't home! (they're at work lol) So I am trying to keep my self pre-occupied. Since I haven't been at school all week there is no gossip, it's so boring! Ahh lightening. I'm ok, yes..mhmm. *muah*
yo, dev is in da house! Its party time!!! *music plays in head*. i'm typing this at school, thankfully in computers we get free time on the internet so might as well post somethang. i have a basketball game 2day against PCDS (they r really good....) so wish us luck! thats right, u better be crossin ur fingers RIGHT NOW, thats right RIGHT NOW. so...... i'm kinda hyper, gonna go read the other posts. see ya. WAIT, don't forget 2 comment on how u like the page name Realistic! k, i'm going now......... really *wipes tears of face* i'm gonna miss u, *sniff* k buh-bye.
Hey Devin you can never blog to much hehe

Thursday, April 05, 2001

The wonderful un-talented Devin is here!!! finally, my page is fixed!!! is it just me or do i blog 2 much? lol. anywayz i was thinking that my page should have a new name how does every1 like: ~*Realistic*~? i need ur guys opinion, if u don't like that, than what is 1 i should use? gotta go, see yaz. o ya, thx michelle for telling me the font thing, i'm stupid i know...~devs~
hey hunnies, michelle here :) poor dev, that sucks that someone's harrassing your guestbook. it's happened to me before too =( just don't listen to them.. they don't know what they're talking about. dev, just type < /font > and the other posts shouldn't show up like that. if that doesnt work i dunno. gawd i'm not doing that great, all these people won't shut up about spring break and then i'm sitting here.. well i'll just rub it in their faces when i have spring break..oh thats right I DON'T have one~! hehehe j/k my sister is going to cali next week for her spring break, dontya think i should be able to go too? thats what i told my mom but i don't think it will work out. wells thats it catch ya later bradys =D
hey you guys!
Sorry it's taken me soooo long to blog again *gets out a tissue*, hehe j/k;). I've been really busy. Anyways... I went to this really fun pool party last weekend, but the only bad part about it was that I didn't have a new bathing suit, so I decided to wear my clothes and not bring a bathing suit. Well, anyways, right as I got there this boy came and picked me up and threw me in the pool. I was like "omigod!!!!". It was really fun, then after that I got in a mud fight with some other boys. It was way funnnnnn!!!! Well I g2g, *gets out the tissue again*!!!
"bye you guys!!" *blows into the tissue*, "I'll miss you"*sobs*
hey everyone! i'm going to catalina for spring break so i probibly wont be able to blog for like 4 days! :-D i hope you guys dont miss me too much! well until i get back, BYE!!! <3 always, Danielle
Sup my brraaddaayyss?! LOL that was stupid. I have to catch up on my bloggin' aah. Well it's typical me..procrastinating as usual. Everyday I've been on Spring Break I think "OK, I finally have tons of time to make a new layout!!" but I end up playing around and browsing sites and never get it done >.< (the page that never updates) lol. My grandparents are moving into our neighborhood..that's not too bad I guess because my grandma is disabled and now that we live so much closer together my mom can help her w/stuff. So I helping pack boxes...I've done that too many times in my life! I'd rather unpack lol. Hmm..soo..yeah.

Wednesday, April 04, 2001

New layout!!! Come visit:
its messed up like my g-book link doesn't work. I'm still fixing it, gotta go.
just wondering... whenever i post my thing in dodgerblue all the other posts show up in that color 2? or is it just the computer? or is it just that my brain is mixing up colors, or is it.... OK, DEVIN STOP IT!!! sorry i'm a little hyper....
Hey peeps its Devin! ahhhh, i am so totally mad. Ok, if u have gone to my site u probaly say the little 'vote for me here' thing? well in the g-book of tha voting place, someone put like: DON'T VOTE FOR DEVIN! her page suxs like ****! She thinks she is so preppy I voted for laura 8 times! or somethang like dat.
AHHHHHHHH! Gosh, i hate it when people cuss at me! that person has been harrassing my g-book 2. (its the same person cuz they r saying the exact same stuff) Wow, i have a hater. anEwayz i emailed u, jessie. my friend jen
wants to join. even tho i don't have aol i'm getting IM soon or as my dad says.... he tends to forget a lot....
so if i do i'll give my name thing. my g-book is lonely so
check out my site. planning on putting up a new layout tonight.

mariah- ur new layout kicks *booty*! I love all of ur layouts! this one is 1 of my favs........
meg- thx for callin me sweet! u r 2!!!
emily- thx for comin' 2 my site and actually SIGNING the g-book, thats not somethang many peeps do...

see yaz....

Hi everyone! emma is here! sorry i havent blogged in awhile. Well I cant be on the computer much longer, so if anyone wants to IM me, it's emmadis24. go ahead..hehe i love talking to people on IM. =)
heyyyyyy brady's hehe check out my new layout and tell me whatcha think :) about combining all the blogs..ahhh thatd be kind of confusing because of all the people, ya know? well catch ya later! =D

Tuesday, April 03, 2001

dev! you are so sweet! this is megan here by the way, I expected everyone to be like, uhhh, ur ugly, lol. You guys are nice!
ahhhhh talk to me!!! ok i'm pathetic, but u better get used 2 it....
Hi, i'm devin from
little place. yah jessie, u rule for inviting me hehe! *feels cared about* for once anEwayz... j/k. my counter is really low so... COME VISIT ME!!! lol. just wanna say that meg, u r pretti!!! k so i'm kinda new at dis....
so... lotsa homework, better hurry my blabbin up.... just got back from cheer practice so my legs r kinda aching! o, jessie crossin my fingers for u, i luv acting also! k, i'll come back soon as i finish my math, *yucky*. see yaz...

So many people have said so many nice things about my braces You guys are all so sweet! Saying I am pretty? guys made my day! I will hope to get new pics up there soon! Thanks so much...
and I totally love all of you guys! :D
Hey everyone! Wowzers we have a whole lota bloggers here!! lol :-D i want to put up some of my pics, but i don't have the confidence!! lol! maybe after i get my headshots done i'll put those up :-D another windy day at school..but this time it was FREEZING!!!!! lol! how is the weather where u guys are??? well thats all for now!! ttyl <3 always, Danielle

Jessie-I hope you make the Drama Club *crosses fingers for good luck* I luv acting too!! hehe

Meg-you are so preaty! i just looked at your pic! i wish i was that preaty hehe :-D

Christina-Yes, sometimes i post the same things on the blogs, but not all the time!! hehe!

Lauren-I think we should combind all the blogs too, but i'm only in this one and the Rainbow one! lol :-D
alright this is the 3rd time i have written today what can i say i am bored lol I was inspired by Meg to learn how to use my scanner an upload pics and i did! yey here is a pic of me w/ all my friends at a barmitzvah last yr clicky here i am the one w/ long brown hair basically in the middle lookin right at the camera :P we all look rterally young there O well l8taz ~Emily~
i agree, i think like rainbow, cutie, grrlee, hyper and this one should all be combinded into one or two. i was thinking about that before cuz i mean a lot of people are in all 5 of them its kinda pointless ;) well a good thing about this way is when people ask how many blogs you are in you can say 5+ LoL
how corny am i (w/ the whole dead people thing)
Hey lauren Welcome dont wry about soundin stupid we all do see watch this: "I see dead people" see i just sounded dumb lol

Lauren (*the otha one*) that owould be good Hyper Brady Rainbow Grrlees but i have to add Cutie and Angelic so it would be Hyper Rainbow Angelic Cutie Grrlees lol l8ta guys

Hey guys! My name is Lauren and i am new here. I hope i dont say anything stupid when i blog ....hehe.. anyways this is kinda cool^_^ to ya laterz
lol in ALL the blogs i post at... (brady, rainbow pb, grrlee, hyper) like the most recent posts are the same. so...WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING 4 BLOGS? lol, they could just be combined into one...hehe like 'the hyper brady rainbow grrlees! hehe. UGH this is a switch....expage is being exetremey SLOW and blogger is really fast.

Monday, April 02, 2001 here!
wanna see me? click here (its a pic of me!)
Kay guys, I need your help! hehe. My birthday is coming up and stupid Jessie doesn't have any ideas for what to do for a party. Got any ideas? my friends arent of any help of thinking either, lol. Well, hope ya guys will help moi. =)
Hey cuties. Today I auditioned for drama club. =) I hope I get in the call back list. =) I love acting. well, wish me luck. =@)
ok that is so freaky.. i just went to 3 different blogs and like 4 of the posts are exactly the same. do you guys like just write the same thing is each one? hmm lol okay well im confused but it's all good because im confused a lot so im use to it. later
w00t the brady at my friend katherine's birthday party in september, we watched the brady bunch @ 11:00-12:00pm....and then at 12:00-1:00 we watched gilligans' island...
Hey everyone!! it was soooooooooooooooo windy today at skool. i was wearing a skirt and all day i was worried about my skirt flying up!! lol! :-D my guestbook is so lonley :( lol if you want to IM me my s/n is bratydiva well ttyl buh bye
<3 always, Danielle


Emily-aww im sry about your doggie :( thanks for telling me how to change my name!!

Meg-dont worry about the braces!! i just got mine off and i have had them for 1 and 1/2 years! they arnt bad!!
Hey you guys,
ok I'm sorta new at this stuff, but I'm getting there. Anyways... how can I change my name so it doesn't say Ashie K on it??? You can email me or im me PrincessAsh59.
p.s. my page could use some hits tee hee:D!
Aw Meg braces arent so bad i had an extrememly messed up mouth so i have been going to the orthodonist for seven years! I just got my braces off, it doesnt really hurt and u will get used to them pretty quickly the first month is the worst and then it just doesnt bother you, my advice is to ask your orthodonist for wax (they will prob. give it to you anyway.) because sometime you're braces can irritate your mouith an you'll get olsers but if you put the wax on that never happens, But believe me the only bad part is that you cant eat Caramel lol

Well i finally got a new layout! YEY its josie and the pussy cats please check it out and tell me whacha think in my LONELY g-book check it out here

i have horrible news, yesterday was my dogs birthday as many of u know, well all of a sudden she would get up or eat so at the vet they did x-rays and found out she had a tumor and was enternally bleeding, she was fourteen so it was normal and happens to a lot of old dogs, and we had to put her to sleep :( I dont know what i'm going to do without her, casuse of known hre all my life my parents got her when she was a puppy right before they had me....(sigh) i gotta go bye guys P.S. feel better meg ~Emily~

Megan is sad
She feels real bad
She is throwing up
Like a dump truck
She's not at school
She feel like a fool
Her braces will be on later
She'll look like an alligator
She wishes she was Mariah Happy
Then she might be laughing
But no, not today
Because braces are on their way
Whats the poor girl to do?
I don't know...
Do you?

Translation: I am really sick, I am throwing up. Mariah...
You are the luckiest ducky alive! {lol}
Thats awesome! I am so glad that he thinks your hot...
if only, lol. Well, later, I gotta go get braces on! Ahhh! is it scary? someone, please tell me! okay well, I need someone to talk to! wel, see you guys!
darlin cat u are right! she got removed (tami) whats up w/ that? Guys please come to my g-book an sign it its soooooo lonly PLEASE all righty well i g2g byebyebye ~Emily~

Sunday, April 01, 2001

It's 1 AM...LA LA LA. I wish it would put my URL in my name so you could just click and go to my page. LOL, mmkay. You guys Tami shut down again...she removed all her pages. Some of you probably don't care though. I think she could deffinatly make it in the future..hmph I wish she didn't close :/ Now me on the other hand, I am bein a lazy bum and not updating my clique or page! But I always have some top secret projects goin on..ahee! *giggles* Hey you guys look [-o-] ZzZzzZZZz that is me! I am not going to bed but I am sooo sleepy. No one is on, all of my friends are gone somewhere (really) and my long-distance friends (who I talk to alot) aren't on spring break so in conclusion no one is ON! IM ME pwetty pweese? One Cute Crayon lol ok. I am crazee!
Hey guys how are ya?! I gotta get in *the loop*, what's happening in here?! Someone fill me Yeah okay, anyways, Mariah, so lucky you're on spring break! 2 more weeks for me. And I love your layout so much girl! And hey Christina, I'll have to check out your site when I get a chance! Blog lata =)
wow there are sooo many people blogging in here! LoL my first post is all the way down there now haha guess what?!!? IM ON SPRING BREAK!!!!! *busts a move* haha :D
hey everyone! wowzers, i havent blogged in a while! i was gonna shut down my site, but i am gonna open it up again! *yay* lol well if anyone wants to IM me my s/n is bratydiva well ttyl bubye

Danielle from Blissfulness
hello 'tis me the great christina. i dont know anyone in here *sniff* so everyone should let me know them, kay? ok hi im christina. nice to meet you! how are you? that's great im good too! so.. whats been up lately? oh really, me too! how weird! we have so much in common! well it was great talking to myself. later
ps-yay look at me i have a new layout up. go see it and sign my new guestbook! la lee la
I am soooo bored. Now I am watching Meet The Parents..then Charlie's Angels again..and I don't know. I say the same thing in each blog so I need to spice it up a bit. I don't know anyone who blogs in here too well. I LOVE TYLOR. lmao, that was anyone else in here on Spring Break? Yes, no, maybe so? Mhhmmm today (and all of next week) I plan on being completely lazy. Just exercising and getting tan, even though it's like 40ˆ outside, oh well! 0oOh *flies away*. Don't worry..I'm not seriously lol..just bored..OK I will shut up now. Toodles Noodles!
Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada..hey hey hey! Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir! (Lady Marmalade)
Hey Brit, howz about sumthin like or sumthin, lol:) If I ever get a domain it is gonna be HEHEHE, but anywayz, how is everyone this morning?? I am just peachy...I am rockin out the mic to Napster. Napster is my true love!! Shoo be do be do......Girl your my angel, your my darlin angel....closer than my peeps you are to me....lalalala.....AHHH I am so freakin bored. Have any of you heard the song on the new Josie and the Pussycats movie?? I love it, it rox my world. Ok, well I am gonna go take a shower and shtuff just in case I have plans today:) hehe *MUUAH*
wak! Jessie loves you! yes, you! no, not you, you! Okay...umm, I am hyper. Could you tell? Agg....can you peoples end your codes? =) thanks. I hate having to go back and fixing them for everyone.
hey and if u get it HOST ME! lol

ugh i have a stupid social studies project to do...but i dont want to do it. :-\ its small, only worth 50pts, but i CAN NOT afford to loose it. i think i have a d+ or sumtin, thats bad. my parents will freak out when they find out. GT is hard :-\ i dun like it. (gt means gifted and yea we like to brag)
lalalala i'm so happy to be in a blog now. *grins* this is so much fun!! hehe

uh someone IM me!! Here are all of my many,MANY screen names: Cowgirly14,prettyfly4acow,PimpingHLecter,QuirkySheep,The Space Tiger,PrettyDork. i have no life. lmao j/k

ta ta for now-jen
hi everyone! I've never seen Charlie's Angels, but I kinda want to....oh well. Anyway, I wondered if anybody wanted to blog at my 'personal' blog with me? Its kinda dead, and I want 2 or so more people to post @ it with me...
hiya! anyone got any website name suggestions for a domain? if you do, please lemme =]

Saturday, March 31, 2001's 12:26 AM here [Indiana] and there is really not much to do at ALL. I rented Charlie's Angels ooh I <3 that movie so much, I watched it earlier =o) If some one wants to IM me my s/n is One Cute Crayon....pplleaassee tell me something interesting because I am wiked bored. Blah blah blaahh. Hey you guys -- screw snapple, I'M the best stuff on Earth! Ok my friend just said that I thought it was cute. I want to be in lovveee..argh. All the boys here are big flirts and playas, but sweet lol. SO I'm out@ *frollicks awat...*
lol we rock!!! hehe:)
wow amanda we blogged at almost the exact same time!
ok well im not EXACTLY new but uhh...i guess i'll tell u guys about myself anyway....

im gabbi, im 13 and im an alcoholic. jk! i have a passion for ska, punk, alternative, heavy metal and rawk music. special. lol i suck at these things. oh yea my site is here
WOW, I didn't know that my most favoritest JEN was blogging here too:) hehe It's a party now!!

Hi peoples!! This is Jen from /dorkified. wowzers i've never been in a real blog b4. hehe if i mess up something please don't be mad! hehe. I'll tell you a bit about myself. I was born 5/4/87 so that makes me 13 and about to turn 14. I have medium blonde hair that has natural highlights. I have green/blue eyes and i have freckles. I love sports and computers,music and shopping and tons of other things. I had a v-ball tournament today. We got 3 in the gold bracket. yay. Don't you wish u could fly? I keep dreaming about flying. lol -love,happiness and a bowl of freshly chopped jello, Jen
Hi everyone...hehe like Kate, I'm new to this blog...actually I'm new to ANY blog because I've never really been in one. I don't exactly know what's like customary to do when you first join one, so I guess I'll follow Kate's example in introducing :)

Well, my name is Kristine, but people call me Itty-Bitty due to cheerleading experiences...hehe...ummm I live in Cali, and my webpage is /twitterpated. Right now I'm on a HIATUS because lately I've been really busy, and I have a brain stump right now...hehe I can't think of a darn layout, and it's bugging me. :( Ummmmm I'm a freshman...hehe (awwww a freshie! lol) And ummmm I love to stunt, cheer, dance, talk, go out, travel...anything and everything fun!

Urrrrgggggg I am thinking about running for Vice Prez next year but like I ran this year and I lost. :( But everyone is pissed off with the chick who won. hehe...I'm kinda scared, because I guess she is running again, the only thing is like people are mad that she didn't do anything this year...AHHHH what do I do?

Spring break doesn't come till 2 weeks! :(

Okay, I wrote a you want to IM me, my sn is Icheer2you or bunnny101. byyyyeeeeee! =)
hey all!
i'm new to this blog so i'll tell u a little about me, my name is kate, i am 15 and i live in australia :) u can IM me at foofightersangel
i am from here and here !!
i love sports and i wish i was a cheergirl :) i also love music, especially pop, my fave music is foo fighters, human nature, britney, actually i have way to many faves to list here... but u can go see my napster list if ya want.. my name is angelstar_34 on napster ....
neway i gotta go do a graphic arts assignment (design a restaurant) so ill catch ya'll later
xoxo kate
o0o0o i didnt know amanda was blogging with us! yay! lol. omg im such an idiot, i FINALLY figured out how
[]D[][]v[][]D means pimp. after like MONTHS trying to figure it out..i did it! yay!
YO, we need some link decorations in here. This blue and brown stuff is making me nauseous!! lol:) This is like the 5th time that I've blogged today, that's how bored I am. NOTHING happened today at all. I got up this morning and took a shower and blow dryed my hair and put make-up on, I even put on my moozerific Better Than A Boy shirt!! I did all of that and then NOTHING happened. I did get invited to the pool by this guy Joey that I know, but I spent so much time trying to get myself to look good this morning that I didn't feel like ruining it all by swimming lol:) Ok, well I am gonna go see if there is something around here that I can do, so I might blog laterz!! *MUUAH*
Lol one more thing....hey if any of you wanna do a main page link ex w/ me my expage is /bluez2001 well sorry! see ya later! -Carly
Hey Guys! What's up? Is there another Carly in here? lol? Does anybody live in IL? Well I'll blog later! -Carly
Hola Bradys :P Listen to this story its 2 weird! Today i visited GeorgeTown University in D.C. (4 my brother) an anywayz we walk into the admission office and i see this face. I stare at him for a couple seconds thinking that he is Alex, a kid who was my bestfriend when i lived in Miami FL 5 yrs ago. He is staring at me to cause he reconizes me, and then all of sudden we are both positive and i am like, "Alex?" and it was a huge reunion! His sister is in my brotherz grade and they were visiting George Town and taking the same tour as us any everything!!!!! So our whole famillies talked and we went out shoppin an to lunch afterwards it was sooooo FREAKY! I couldnt believe it i mean you dont think you're going to fun into your old bestfriend who lives in Miami and who you havent seen in 5 yrs at a college. WoW i am still in shock! hehe AND to add to the freakyness i then ran into a kid in my class named Max! Weird! Weird! Weird! Alrighty i gotta go ylas ~Emily~
ooh! I like have lotsa bloggers in my blog! *feels special* I didn't think that anyone would join..haha. I just got back from lunch with my mom, dad, grandma, aunt, uncle & cousin for my Grandma's birthday. eee...the food was good but it was borzilla! cousin was boring me: Wanna play hangman? Hangman is a fun game, c'mon Jessie let's play hangman! Oh boy, fun huh? lmao. Guess What?!? My best friend Amber is moving to Virgina at the end of this summer. =( I am like.....crying. She is mad too cuz she doesn't wanna move. Waaahhh, don't leave me Bam Bam! (bam is her really?) I am like well...if you really don't want to go you can always live with me! (she seriously could) But ofcourse she would miss her family. =( For all those new people here I am Jessie from Rainbow Soda Pop.

Sarah- I do that a lot....sometimes I won't even get out of my PJs the whole day!

Gabbi- I feel special too! lmao.

Michelle- Aww, I'm the bestest? UHH! you didn't have to tell me that, I already knew!, just kidding! just kidding!

Emma- whoa...I am in love with your layout.

Amanda- Moozer! too cute! Aww, you love being in Brady? I love having you in here!

Mariah- Heya my fellow hyper chick blogger! um...I'm weird. Whoa...10 blogs?!? geez...

Lauryn- Sorry I forgot about you...I thought I had already invited you, lmao.

Carly- Hockey is okay.....I'm not too good at it though.

Racheal- To change your name click on team (at the top) then find your name and click on it then in the top right hand corner it says edit my on that. Then change your first or last name to whatever then click save and then blog something and your name should have changed.

Michel- Can't wait to see your new layout. =)

Catherine- Heya Babe! Your site is so groovy! ..will you still call me superman?...lalala...

Megan- aww, how sweet! i thought no one liked this blog...=)

Christina- wooo ee! You changed the color, yippie!

woah...I wrote a lot.
hey it's me again, um how do you get a new font and color? *sniff* mines all icky and stuff! ok let me try this la la la la :D :D :D :D hmm hmm hmm hmm
hey im christina from /krickket10. yay look at me. im bloggin, baby!!
Hey, I got bored, so I'm posting again! Anyways, hows everyone? ::As if I'm talking to someone:: Well. I hope everyones O.K. Lotta people in here that I reconize:D

O.K. I'm done for today!

geeez how many of us Brady's are there?? there's like 50 or sumthin lol:) weeeee I am soooo bored. Maybe I will go make myself a blog and then invite people, that is how bored I am.Well, maybe not coz I don't really know how to work blogger.....OK, well I'll stop rambling now, I'll be back laterz!! by the way....I love bein a Brady:)
Hey Brady's, lol. Its megan from /meggoev I am glad I am in this blog... its really awesome!
Well, I don't have much to say, but...
I love all of my brady sistas, hehe
see you guys!
wow, I haven't been using blogger for awhile *good to be back* yay! I'm on S/B 2001 ( spring break ) I am really excited. I hope you all can get used to me because whenever I'm bored, I come to a blog and start talking about Oh, and this is Catherine from /realisticpage BTW. It seems like there's a lot of people blogging here..I think..oh and thanks Jessie soo much for inviting me, *muah* Virtue is being a real pain blahh. I'll be baaack!
Hey! I'm Michel from /michelly28! I'm so glad I'm in the Brady Blog ;) Hehe...I'm new. have to get used me me saying wierd things..Well, I'm making a new layout at my site! I'll blog some more later..
OK, me again. Does anyone know how to make it stop saying "Rachael Smtih" after everything? Can't it just be "Rachael?"
Heylo! I am Rachael :-D I don't have any time to blog right now, but I'll be back later!
hey everyone anyone like hockey? lol
Hiya Guys! This is Carly from Destiny Thanks Jessie for inviting me! This is pretty coolio! lol! Well if any of you guys wanna chat or email me please do so at
Hey everyone! Lauryn here. Thanx Jess for inviting me! I love the layout..great job on it! Well I g/ later! :)
woo! I made the new layout....sooner than I thought! This layout isn't as good as I thought it was gonna be though...but it is good enough right? You guys tell me whatcha think, kay? =) well, gotta jet, tootles!
hey! this is mariah from just a beach bum thanx for inviting me, 10 blogs for me! LoL woo hoo! :) well ill blog more l8r but right now i g2g! :D
Hi!! OK, I totally do not know how to work this thing, this is my first blog, I guess you could say that I am virgin blogger, hehe:) Anywayz...Hi!! I'm Amanda:) Thanx to Jessie for inviting me. I don't really have anything else to say right now, so I will be back laterz. I am totally lookin forward to seein the layout that's gonna be put up!! *MUUAH*
Hi everyone! Emma is here! Thanks for inviting me Jessie! well i really don't have much to say...but I'll write more when I do. bye! =)
heeyyyy!! this is michelle from here :D thanks jessie for inviting me your the bestest lol i'll blog later when i actually have something to talk about kay? hehe
yay!~ thanks jessie for inviting me! i feel special now heehee :-D
hi! um....ummmm......i'm lauren! site is here and i also own expage education! uhhhhh jessie invited me.... just now proberly... lools, yes! heh. bwah
Ok, well, I just woke up, hehe. I think I'm going to go update my site.

I havent even brushed my hair yet, and I've already checked my Email! LOL. ::priority:: j\k.
Well, I'm kinda tired so I'm gonna go back to bed for a little while longer.

Okay, I am going to invite lots and lots of more people into this blog cuz I like lots of people..and sometime this week I am going to make an awesome layout for this blog. It is icky now. Well.....I'm off to invite people!
wowzies, Jessie hasn't blogged for forever! aww, I'm sorry. I have been pretty busy lately. I can't really say much cuz I'm super busy but I am going to start an expage newspaper and if anyone wants to apply to do it with me go to my site and read my updates. =) I hope some more people apply! =) *hint hint* I'm probobly gonna be picking who it is in about a week or somethang. *_^
<3 always,
Miss Thang

Friday, March 30, 2001

Howdy ho!
Just saying heylo to everyone. Nuttin new going on, just same ole' partying self. Well, just to update you guys again, my screen name is pRiNcEsSaSh59. Anyways... gotta skadoodle!!!
Luv Ya'll!
Hey you guys i feel like sucha dork i am soooo out of it lol! I am still not home frm vacation, an i havent my been on since tuesday an soooo much has changed! Welcome Shawn, we needed some guys in here. A few more days an i will be hope yey! HOME SWEET HOME! lol i wanna make a new layout sooo bad, as soon as i get home i am going to be on the computer for hours makin a new layout updatin my site an all that good stuff. Alotta people are makin the same suggestion in my g-book which i definitly think is a good one but i cant use it cause i cant work on my webpage Sigh! Well wah wah wah could i whine anymore i gotta stop that. Well please visit me when i get back frm vacation i will wanna talk to all you guys well mwah mawh mwah i am outey :P ~Emily~ P.s. dot nu has popups EW (sigh guess i wont be using them anymore..)

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

hey everyone! i made a new site, it is an expage one, was making me so mad so i just gave up lol

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

duh... duhhhh.............
I bezez bored..........................
dum de dum
Omg i hAte blogger i just wrote the longest entry an it got deleted ARG!!!! Well anyway this one has gotta be short its Emily here, an i am sooo sry to everyone who has signed my g-book or sent me an e-mail, i wont be able to respond until monday, cause i am on vacation an i cant access it ARG!!! Well i will try to write soob but i gotta hurry :( Mariah i luv the layout the grpahics u have are so original, i am tryin to work w/ my scanner an transfer it to gifs but im havin a lil trouble, well ttyl l8terz i promise as soon as iget home i will update tons ~Emily~

Monday, March 26, 2001

OMG! i havent blogged in aaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss!
Sorry! :[
Brittany: <3 your new layout! =]
I saw tamis new site its ok there are A LOT of news sites coming out!
ok i g2g noooooooo buh byes!
Hey everyone!!! I haven't bloged in 4 days, sry :( ne ways, I am soooo tierd. i havent been getting much sleep latley. Whats new with everyone?!?! I tried out for a drama high school and i was rejected :( but that is ok, they are having more auditions and i am gonna go to those. well g2g <3 always, Danielle

Sunday, March 25, 2001

new layout @ =]

Saturday, March 24, 2001

tami closed down her site to start a news site!! go is tami's news site. i did an interview for her :-] duz ne one have an idea for a layout? i was thinking about doing a sniz and fondue one, u know, the characters from one of the lil cartoons on kablam on nickelodeon. my lil bro was watching it, and i thought they were adorable!
Hola! Is it just me or did tami close down her site or it get hacked or something? I went to an all it has is a lil smiley face? Am i really out of the loop or somethin?? does any1 know whats up well if ya do e-mail me at or post it k well ttyl Lyas ~Emily~
boring, boring, boring ;[

Friday, March 23, 2001

Hola chicas.....Does any1 know how to change there blogger name, like mine is Emily Johnson, and i wanna different one, ya know. Well if u know how please post it or e-mail me at THANX! (i'm to lazy to make a link for my e-mail) THis lil entry has gotta be quick cause i am going out ot lunch wit my friend in an hour, and i am makin my friend a layout. (Or at least tryin expage is bein a pain in the @ss) Well anywayz I got a new spring layout YEY!!!!! PLEASE come check it out and tell me whacha think here Thankyou :P Well i gotta finish this layout and get ready 4 lunch an then Pack for vacation :P L8taz ~Emily~

Thursday, March 22, 2001

Hey everyone! Gosh, today at school it was soooooooooooo hot! the a/c is broken so we are all sweating. it is terrible. Does anyone kno how to change there member name? like the one that shows up on the blog? welll i g2g! <3 always, Danielle

Jessie-I hope you feel better!

Emily-Gosh isn't it annoying!! grr i dont know what i am going to do! i mean my page doesnt have anything bad on it! lol o well....
Ick....I threw up this morning but I am going to go to 9th period in school cuz my friend is coming over from today to monday and if she thinks I still am sick she might not be able to come then...ya know? =/ Anyways, I can't wait until she comes! hehe...dorky ol' me. =) She is my best friend that I haven't seen in forever...I miss her so much! I might not blog so much in here in the next couple of days cuz figure it out. =P Well, gotta bounce! blogger is being stupid...

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Whats up you guys? I got my report card today! tee hee! All A's baby!!! What can I say??? I don't even have to try. Anyways... this weekend I can't wait for!!!! I'm going over to Ben, the guy in 9th grade I've been crushing on's house!!! I'm soooo excited!!! Anyways I'm talking to a lot of my friends online so I gotta skadoodle! I'm updating my homepage at the moment too, with one of Sandre's layouts hehe;) thanx!! I just thought it was soo cute, by the way I love your page!

Well cya!
Omg Danielle i am havin the same problem!!!! I cant get into half the expage sites! I tried to edit my page and i couldn't cause of parental controls, and i was like WHAT?, there is nothin bad about my site ya know?!?! I just think it is screwed up all of a sudden. I am just lettin you guys know that i prob. wont be able to blog 4 awhile after friday cause i am going on spring break an i will be away an prob. wont be able to get to a computer :( I am going college lookin 4 my brother itz gonna @#$@#% soo bad, I wanted to rent an RV cause then at least we would have a TV and stuff since most of the trip i am going to be in the car but NO my stupid rents said no! Well i g2g l8taz ~Emily~
hey you guys. i dont know what to do. ok, i have AOL and so my mom uses the Parental Controls so it blocks out porn and bad stuff like that. well it is blocking out everything!!! i cant even go to edit my webpage because it blocks it out!!! i couldnt even go here at first to blog! and it is really starting to get on my nerve. i cant even read my Yahoo! mail (i use that for stuff for my site) and I would tell my mom, but she doesnt even know i have a website and one day i asked her about it and she said that she woulnt let me have one, so i cant tell here about this cuz she would want like proof. lol well i'm out. ttyl buh bye

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Hola! i am working on a new layout an it should be up soon i found the cutest pics at Tony Stone i am so excited hehe, i kinda enjoy makin my own layouts but i dont know how people like Tami make sooo many and distribute them. I am just willin to give out my old layouts adn they can even change stuff on it as long as they keep my link up BUT i guess every1 doesnt like it that way.. Well Its officially Spring thats the theme of my layout but dont wry it will be pretty original i think :P~Emily~ Pwease go to my site an sign my empty g-book i will be forever greatful lol :P Also thanx Erica your wishin me luck helped me get on the team
hello hello hello. i'm like so mad..i don't even wanna talk ;[
Hey you guys!
Well, I'm home for another week and then I have to go back to the dreaded school... yuck!!! I luv all of your guys' layouts! My page has not been updated for a really long time! But, I'm working on it now. I'm always so busy, it gets way too confusing!!! I'm thinking of making a new blog, of my own... I'm not sure... hmmm.... Anyways... I have a sinus infection so I betta go rest. Catch up with ya'll lata!!!
Hi guys this is Emily from Orange Burst I blog w/ alota u already at Grrlee blog or cutie blog, anywayz I have good news :P They posted the varsity softball list and i made it!!!!! Yey well i am in school so this has gotta be quick please go to my site an check out my new layout I'll be back L8taz

Monday, March 19, 2001

Brady blog is getting a new layout soon.......hehe
Today was a bad day for me. ugg. My friend got a new boyfriend and is mad popular. I guess that kind of got to her head....she was treating me like dirt. Guess she isn't the friend I thought she was...But anyways, I got a new layout on Rainbow Soda Pop Go see!

Hey you guys!!!
Whud shakin'??? Nada here! I just got done eating dinner. Some brown stuff, and some orange stuff... no, I'm just kidding;) I ate steak and carrots. *yawn* man, I'm tired for some reason. Anyways...

Stephy- No I don't have that cd, but I love that one song... I forgot what it was called hehe;) stupid me!
Sandre- What is a bat mitzvah??? My cousin went to one a couple days ago, but I dunno what it is.

Betta hit it!

Sunday, March 18, 2001

hey everyone! ok i just made a layout but i dont know if it is good. this is the layout. tell me your HONEST opinon, it wont hurt my feelings if you dont like it lol. well i hope to hear from you all soon!

Stef- nopers i dont have that CD

Sandre-Same here! I couldn't figure it out..:( lol. I checked out your new layout and I luv it!! lol :)
yawn, tiredness. i was up late yesterday at a bat mitzvah, it was full of japs, so it was really boring. i only knew the girl it was for, and she was more interested in hanging with her jappy friends. o well, i got free pants and give-aways, those are the best part!!! i dont have s club 7, stephy, but i love their single too, im gonna dwnld it on napster. danielle, i want to get hosted, too, but i was too slow to figure out ftp when someone offered so they dropped me :-[ poor us.

one last thing...i got a new layout @ public. its bootiful, at least i think so. tell me what you think, everyone!
dundundun...whats up everybody? does anyone have the S Club 7 CD? cuz i think I want to get it, I love theif single they have right now...but I've like never watched the show lol!

Saturday, March 17, 2001

hey everyone! i just woke up. lol i was up late last night! hehe.well i'm off to go eat some breakfast! (lol probibly lunch for regular peeps!!) hehe

Sorry Jessie!!! I forgot to end my code, I was in a big hurry, and didn't have much time. I'm so sorry! Talk to you guys lata! I gotta scram to a partayyyyy!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2001

hey everyone! i REALLY want to get hosted...but no1 wants to host me :( lol. thats ok tho. well i'm outie buh bye
dah dah dah...i'm bored. hmmmmmm anyone know any good game sites?
kay guys....2 people aren't ending their codes and I had to go edit everyone's entrys. I won't mention any names but please end your codes, it doesn't make me happy when I see everyone's entrys size 7 after a certain person's!

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

I just got back from my DC trip. It was a lot of fun. I have many new pictures (14 rolls worth)!!! Anyways... I'm sorry I didn't write in here like I said. I had a party to go to that I forgot all about! Well... I made a lot of new friends and someone is now crushing over me :) hehe;)!!! I just get really happy when I find out that people like me. *Smiles* Today I got off the bus in a whopping 13 hours instead of 18 like what was planned. I have no clue how we went so fast on the way back and soooo slow on the way there. So, I got home in Florida at 8am. Then I came home, took a shower, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, got dressed, put on make-up, and called a couple of my friends to tell them that I was back. Then I planned on going bowling with 8 of my friends at about 1pm. Then I went to the mall with a big bunch on friends. I got this really cute mini skirt and a top and new shoes to go together as an outfit. I also got a necklace, some sandals, a ring, and the guy that likes me bought me a charm bracelet (it is REALLY prettyful)!!! Some friends and I are now planning on saving our money for this cruise to the Bahamas during summer break! It's gonna be tons of fun!!! Right now my parents are having some of their adult friends over so that is why I'm on the computer (all of em' old farts out there aren't any fun);).

When is all of your guys' spring break??? Mine is all of last week, all of this week, and all of next week. My sister has larengitis or however you spell it. Well I betta get going, I'll talk to all of you guys lata!!!

Y Always
DuH pRiNcEsS
Hey everyone!! I am soooo bored. It is beyond torture. lol. And I dont have any homework (yea for me!!! lol). Well I'm out! ttyl buh bye

Brit, I hope you feel better!

Jessie-I hope you feel better too!
poopy...i feel so sick =\

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

lalala, i have noo clue what to talk about!
hi! whatsup? if anyone wants to join the webpage princesses just im me k? ;) my sn is princessm686.................thanx jessie for helping me with the layout! ok buh-bye!!!!!!!!!!!
hello hello. everyone likes blogging here?!?! heehee. i'm bored. i don't wanna go to school tomorrow :\ wish me goodluck on missing =]
i just realized how lite my last entry was, so i thought i would write it darker for u, same exact thing, just darker...

i am oh so very bored, gaaah. i just blogged at my other blogs, too, and i am STILL bored. i am dwnlding fonts at the moment, its fun!!! go to and for some gRRRREAT fonts, mwahaha